Friday, November 25, 2005

Update from Boulder

BOULDER, Colo. -- Just a little pregame flavor from Folsom Field ... There should be no lack of emotion, at least at the start of this game. Just before going into the locker room, all of the Colorado players ran to the middle of field to "huddle" right next to where Nebraska was warming up. Words were obviously being fired back and forth across the 50-yard line and the line of officials that were attempting to stand between the two teams. Nothing serious (plenty of finger-pointing), but it looked like they might go Gators-Seminoles on us there for a moment.

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Nebraska-Colorado pick

BOULDER, Colo. -- First things first: The weather is incredibly nice here with barely a hint of breeze as of about two hours before kickoff. The Huskers' and Buffaloes' skill position players are out chucking the pigskin around in their shorts and T-shirts.

As for the game, Nebraska comes to Folsom Field bowl eligible and with essentially nothing to lose -- except for pride. Coach Bill Callahan shunned the idea of playing the spoiler role this week, but don't be surprised to see the Huskers pull out all the stops as 16-point underdogs. It's a luxury that has often been enjoyed by Colorado many years in this series when Nebraska was the team trying to nail down a title.

I look for Nebraska to hang around early and possibly make this a game. However, in the end, the Buffs will be too strong and too motivated by the prospects of winning their fourth North Division title in five years ... Colorado 31, Nebraska 17.

We'll stand by the pick, but remember, no one gave Nebraska a chance here in 2003, either.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Trev Alberts update from Des Moines

A Des Moines Register columnist with the latest on Trev Alberts:

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Timeout for hoops

With the Nebraska football team getting an open weekend, figured this is the perfect time to get a first glance of the Cornhusker basketball team in a game that counts (well, officially anyway).

Midway through the first half, Barry's boys certainly appear to be a bit more athletic this season -- although a one-point lead against Longwood (1-30 last year) isn't exactly impressing anyone's socks off. It will be interesting to see if this group can help Nebraska climb the ladder in the Big 12 Conference.

Well, at least it's something to ponder besides whether or not Harrison Beck should get a second-quarter series next Friday against the Buffaloes.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Nebraska-Kansas State prediction

A lack of Internet access in the pressbox at Kansas last week prevented us from posting our weekly pregame pick. Still, I'll own up to the fact that I had Nebraska winning in Lawrence. I'm now riding a two-game losing skid predicting Husker games.

Like the Huskers, I need a breakout game today. Being stubborn isn't always the best trait, but I'll stick with Nebraska again today over the Wildcats in a matchup of two struggling teams. If the Huskers are ever going show up, it's going to be today. It's Senior Day in Lincoln and the players have spent the past week listening to how bad they are and speculation about coach Bill Callahan's future.

Nebraska 17, Kansas State 10

Posted by Terry Douglass @ Saturday, November 12, 2005 || 1 comments

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tuesday freakshow

Tuesday certainly wasn't your average Nebraska football press conference. Thanks to the Cornhuskers losing four of their last five games, an TV reporter from Omaha who apparently fancys himself as some type of hard-hitting investigative reporter showed up seemingly bent on trying to provoke a verbal confrontation with NU coach Bill Callahan.

This "journalist" asked Callahan such questions as "Do you feel your job is safe?" and if he was the AD, would Callahan fire himself? Great questions from a guy who last showed his face at a Nebraska football press conference in 2003 after the Missouri game to try and pull his same tired on-camera dog and pony show act on Frank Solich after former player Kellen Huston had punched a Mizzou fan while coming off the field.

Of course, this reporter is the same one who likes to go around proclaiming that he's the only one who will ask the hard-hitting questions and that the rest of the media covering Nebraska football is soft and only there to eat the free food. If Mr. 60 Minutes actually attended more than one football press conference per year, I might actually have a little respect for his questions, but they smack of grandstanding when you haven't seen his face the first three-plus months of the season. Where was he during fall camp or even during "Gesture-gate"?

What he fails to understand is that the rest of the Nebraska media has to cover the Huskers every day. Someone on the beat may write or say something critical or ask some prickly questions, but they do it with at least a measure of respect because they know that they've got to return to Memorial Stadium the next day and will need comments for many other less-controversial stories.

As for Mr. 60 Minutes, we probably won't see his act for the rest of the season.

Posted by Terry Douglass @ Wednesday, November 09, 2005 || 5 comments

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