Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Alamo Bowl pick

SAN ANTONIO -- Nebraska puts the finishing touches on the 2006 season tonight in the MasterCard Alamo Bowl against Michigan.

While the Wolverines (7-4) are a big favorite, it has been suggested that Michigan -- poised for another run at a BCS bowl -- doesn't have much use for playing another 7-4 team in the Alamodome. However, if coach Lloyd Carr's team is at all interested in the game, the view from here as that Michigan's overall talent edge should prevail.

Although it's been more than a month since Nebraska's last game, when we last left the Huskers, they were still struggling to run the football. If that lack of balance continues, it will be difficult for NU to prevail for a second consecutive game as a double-digit underdog.

The pick: Michigan 35, Nebraska 17 -- a slight departure from the 35-20 score I predicted in Huskers Illustrated in early December. No reason for the change (I simply forgot!)

No matter what happens, Nebraska has had a good season and will head into 2006 with many positives. By having nearly 30 freshmen and sophomores on the two-deep depth chart, the Huskers have taken a step this season by having a winning year and returning to a bowl game. Look for more next season.

Posted by Terry Douglass @ Wednesday, December 28, 2005 ||

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I'm on the other side. good luck.
Posted by Blogger Sports Bettor : 7:27 PM
Now would be a good time to let the evnets of the past three years go. As a journalist, you need to have a clearer perspective of college football than to miss a prediction by 22 points. whatever Callahan or Pederson did to you, It would be best to let it go and become a Nebraska journalist again
Posted by Anonymous Craig A. Heskett : 10:41 AM
nice pick Terry...
Posted by Anonymous Justin in Missouri : 12:14 PM
Perhaps you should look at the brightside...on second thought...your lack of any ability to accurately make predictions indicates to me that you wouldn't recognize the brightside if it hit you in the frontside. Aw, I am just joking but let's look at your late season stats:

You picked Michigan and Colorado to win. I suspect you picked NU over Kansas and you picked NU over Oklahoma. You accurately predicted NU to beat K-State.

That puts you at 1-4 to end the season...or best case scenerio 1-3-1 .

Yikes maybe you won't be around next season...sacked so to speak...and it will be the chicken or monkey predicting. Either way I am sure we will be here and ready to agree or disagree. GO BIG RED!! Mike
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 1:24 PM
Terry if you were your Editor would you fire yourself?
Posted by Anonymous GimmeRed : 8:24 AM
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